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Regus Belgium
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How Regus works


Choose over 3000 locations.


Choose your type of workspace.


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Choose flexible usage options

Whether you need workspace for one hour or many years, there's a Regus solution for you.
Using our network of workspaces means you avoid set-up costs and capital investment. Everything is fully outsourced.
You can add or reduce workspace on flexible terms depending on your current needs and future requirements.
On demand
Only pay for what you need. Start using our lounges, meeting rooms, and day offices on demand.
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Monthly subscription
A range of monthly membership plans give you value and flexibility.
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Your own dedicated space
Get your own fully serviced space. For one person or a whole team, from a month to years.
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We make things simple

You can partly or fully outsource your office portfolio, with one contract, simple reporting, a dedicated account manager and 24/7 customer service.
Office amenities set up and ready to use, with WiFi, receptionist, kitchen and cleaning included.
Office facilities in professional business environments

Stay productive

From our app that allows you to easily find and book space and manage your accounts, to professional and inspiring work environments, we enhance your productivity.
With 50 million WiFi hotspots and thousands of business lounges around the world, we give you access to an unparalleled infrastructure to support your business.
Office facilities in professional business environments

Join a global community

Being part of our network gives you access to over 2.5 million like-minded professionals: an instant, global community, and a place to belong.
Promote your business via our community marketplace and monthly networking and knowledge-sharing events.
Office facilities in professional business environments
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If you need a workspace today, simply download our app to find your nearest Regus centres, book your space, and manage your account easily.
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