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Liege-Guillemins Railway Station

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Place des Guillemins 2

At one of the busiest Belgian transport hubs, our Liège-Guillemins business lounge keeps you connected to the world of business

Window office € 10,40 - € 20,80
Internal office € 9,10 - € 22,40
Co-working € 6,00
Virtual office € 2,47 - € 8,14
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Maastricht, Randwyck

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6229 ES

Robert Schumandomein 2

A modern building in the heart of the business district Randwyck, next to the Maastricht Exhibition and Congress Centre (MECC

Window office € 6,90 - € 25,80
Internal office € 5,80 - € 18,90
Co-working € 5,70
Virtual office € 1,50 - € 4,67
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Maastricht, Maastricht Il Fiore

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6221 KX

Avenue Ceramique 221

A striking building with high level facilities (such as a fitness center) in the modern Céramique district, Maastricht.

Window office € 7,10 - € 24,90
Internal office € 6,80 - € 21,10
Co-working € 5,70
Virtual office € 1,84 - € 5,60
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Maastricht City Centre

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6221 BT

Stationsplein 8-K

An inspiring high-rise building with magnificent views across this international city, located at the Central Station.

Window office € 7,10 - € 27,40
Internal office € 5,80 - € 15,40
Co-working € 5,70
Virtual office € 2,14 - € 6,54
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